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Why Should You Use NFTs? Why Are They So Expensive?


Jul 26th 2022 | 09:59 | 3 min read

In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) gained popularity when some began bringing in massive amounts of money at auctions. A perplexing and contentious new digital asset is becoming more prevalent.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs demonstrate ownership of digital files and can be associated with collector’s items, video game accessories, digital works of art, and more. NFTs are anything that can be used to store data on a blockchain. These transactions are frequently paid for with cryptocurrencies and are registered publicly on a blockchain.

Some people have spent vast amounts of money on particular digital objects. For example, the first tweet ever sent was sold in 2021 for a whopping sum of approximately $3 million. We must thoroughly understand an NFT to know why people are willing to pay millions for one.

What Lends NFTs Their High Value?

As previously mentioned, when you buy an NFT, your name is recorded in the Blockchain’s “owner” column, which is a simplified explanation of what is taking place but reflects a fact. People are interested in paying for proof of ownership, which raises an NFT’s value.

Theoretically, anyone can tokenize their art or other work and auction or sell it as an NFT. However, recent news highlights about multimillion-dollar sales have aroused curiosity. Look at the reasons why NFTs are so valuable:

  • Non-fungible Tokens are expensive because they are uncommon and scarce. People can create only a limited number of NFTs, adding significantly to their demand and value.
  • The buyer may find the object extremely valuable or beautiful, so they would be willing to pay a high price. For instance, an NFT can represent digital assets like video game characters or some artwork. The value of these assets also drives up the NFTs’ price.
  • NFTs may also be so expensive due to what economists refer to as a bubble. When investors buy items with the expectation of selling them soon at a higher price, we say that the market is in a bubble that also raises its price.
  • Every time a new technology surfaces, a bubble frequently follows. Many investors show up with their funds after learning about the obscenely high price of the technology or about celebrities who have purchased it without giving it much thought.

Some believe this is occurring with NFTs, but only time will tell whether NFTs can hold their high values in the long term.

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