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ReDeFining Businesses by Revolutionizing Finance, Decentralization is the key to compounding your growth and multiplying your success. Let the record breakers at ChainCode Consulting help you materialize this new vision of financial services with trust-based banking and overstep the traditional intermediaries, including brokers or banks

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DeFi is the buzzword today with a Total Value Locked of $26.57 billion in various Decentralized Finance platforms across the world. So Software is set to disburse traditional financial services and trigger a revolution in the global financial ecosystem powered and secured by blockchain technology. Businesses especially can leverage this technology and boost significantly!


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DeFi protocols operate on self-executing smart contracts; Which automates various processes, eliminates intermediaries, and also rids users from the need for human intervention.

By simplifying asset management and contractual execution, It lowers operating costs for beneficiaries.

DeFi platforms are backed up by ultra-secure blockchain networks. Hence, eliminating the need for Banks and safeguarding the assets from hacking and attacks through regular auditing of smart contracts and using on-chain price oracles.

Giving individuals full control over their assets saves them from having to compromise their funds due to the absence of a single point of failure.

Compared to the closed-door model of the traditional financial system, DeFi platforms are more transparent.
Anyone can see the transactions recorded on blockchain networks and vote on numerous proposals, make decisions, and get freedom from centralized leadership on DeFi platforms.

DeFi platforms offer passive income for token holders and liquidity providers and enable them to earn high returns in a short time in various ways like Staking, Yield Farming, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, etc.

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Our Blockchain Brainiacs are here to exceed your expectations with stellar services incomparable in quality. Anything and everything an Enterprise Blockchain network needs, we’re here for it!

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    When handling your project, we’re all about you and your needs! With our rich expertise, robust Blockchain technologies, and unwavering dedication, we become the superheroes your enterprise needs. See some of our Enterprise Blockchain solutions that we’ve created to streamline our clients’ businesses.



    DeFi is primarily a transparent system for finance wherein the users directly exchange financial services, without any intermediaries.

    Though there are risks in the form of rug pulls, scam airdrops, phishing attacks, and vulnerabilities in smart contracts, DeFi platforms are secured by end-to-end data encryption, SSL protection, and multi-factor authentication. This prevents a single point of failure.

    The significant growth of DeFi in recent years has cast more attention on the benefits of open finance. DeFi offers several benefits like 100% custody of assets, real-time processing of transactions, access to cheap credit for the unbanked sections of the population, and elimination of intermediaries. Besides that, DeFi operates in a borderless and trustless manner.

    Individuals need to use dApps built on blockchain networks to access Decentralized Finance services. Though both DeFi and CeFi provide the same services, DeFi has the upper hand by being permissionless, immutable, interoperable, and round-the-clock availability. Centralized Finance (CeFi) platforms suffer from issues like lack of transparency, undercollateralized lending, delayed transfer of funds, and unsustainable yields.

    Definitely DeFi is better as it enables investors and users to directly exchange financial services with other investors globally. There are no intermediaries and no hidden costs. Whereas the crypto-exchanges are not decentralized.

    We follow an agile process for DeFi development. This helps us in building high-quality dApps on different blockchain networks. Our experienced team offers customized solutions, uses an advanced tech stack, offers round-the-clock support, and assures on-time delivery of your project.

    There is no fixed period to create a DeFi platform. It depends on factors like the business requirements, extent of customization, nature of features, and the type of blockchain network.

    For an experienced and professional DeFi development company, integration of DeFi models into the existing systems is just a cakewalk. All trade exchanges, venture capitalists, or trade exchanges can deploy DeFi platforms.

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