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“Obortech Smart Hub” – Hyperledger Fabric Aspects developed by Chaincode Consulting LLP

May 25th 2022 | 07:33 | 3 min read

Obortech – paved its way into ‘Microsoft Century Programs’ TOP 6 projects. 

Microsoft Century Program focuses on finding viable blockchain quick-fix for various enterprises that provide solutions for the Discrete Manufacturing Sector. This Century Program collaborated with various industry leaders including Microsoft, Skoda, and tech Mahindra to identify 6 best enterprise grade blockchain solutions. A proud moment for Chaincode here – Obortech Smart Hub is one of the TOP 6 projects owing to its lucid UX, blockchain-backed efficiency, and IoT-powered communication hub. 

Microsoft Century Programs knew Obortech was the best option just like Elon Musk knew investment is the BEST OPTION. 

Meet Obortech Smart Hub- Making the supply chains smarter

The Smart Hub is a platform for decentralized service supply chain management. This platform enables tech-based collaborations of various supply chain actors, further accrediting 

– unified, tamper-resistant document exchange; 

 -loT-based real-time visibility & tracking; 

– and a decentralized marketplace for networking. 

The smart hub has re-engineered the supply chain processes with emerging technologies. 

What does this Smart hub do? 

Smart Hub; A Blockchain  As A Service (BAAS) platform enables the supply chain stakeholders to setup the blockchain business network with a few simple clicks. It is primarily a simple ecosystem for digital collaboration of various actors of the supply chain and businesses. 

Obortech Smart Hub – Connecting Supply Chains – allows organizations to set up and run blockchains quickly and easily. Smart hub enables more innovative supply chains with real-time data visibility to the stakeholders. Smart Hub exploits various features of Hyperledger Fabric-like Channels, Private Data Collections& Zero-Knowledge Proofs to meet the data security demands of supply chains across a spectrum of industries. 

Thus, it solves critical supply chain problems arising due to lack of collaboration and visibility of the transactions.   

What made Obortech Smart Hub transcend to “Top 6.”

The simplified process of the Smart Hub Blockchain network is constructed upon Hyperledger Fabric and includes both members and the host organization. Supply chain data is submitted based on consensus between both organizations. Thus each organization gets to independently maintain the data privacy via security features of the Hyperledger Fabric that offers:

 – Fully Manageable – Pay-As-You-Go payment model; and Modular, Secure & Scalable system 

– Permissioned membership – Just the known identities can query data or do the transactions 

– Democratic Onboarding 

– Decentralized Governance

– GDPR compliance – Ensures Privacy & Confidentiality of private data 

– Document Digitization – Dynamic forms ensure organized data sharing 

– Private Supply Chain Transactions – Identity Management to ensure legitimate participants

– Private data Collection – Data access on a need-to-know basis

– Access Control Lists – For the protection of sensitive data

 Obortech Smart Hub permits easy document exchange and secure sharing with partners by employing blockchain-powered controls. With these controls, the authorized parties for various shipments can see the changes as and when made while also tracking the shipment journey. Chaincode developed Obortech with the help of a team comprising blockchain researchers, architects, and seasoned developers with top-in-line industry exposure. 

ChaincodeConsulting – Leading Enterprise Blockchain Development Company

At Chaincode, we dominate enterprise blockchain development with our domain expertise & innovative design thinking. We focus on developing platform for trusted data exchange and automated workflow with blockchain and distributed ledgers. While industries adapt to emerging world and technologies, extended collaborations are extremely essential for an upward growth curve. We believe that technology must always support an outbound growth with creation of new avenues for revenues. At Chaincode, we create business networks to create a win-all situation for organizations. 

Get started with Chaincode blockchain solutions network. Wherever you are on the blockchain road, right from evolution to revolution, and our experts will hold you from there and take you wherever you visualize. Establish and evolve your businesses with our viable blockchain services and solutions. 

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