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Do You Have Ideas and Passion to Make A Difference?

Apr 5th 2022 | 10:39 | 3 min read

Experience makes Careers! At Chaincode Consulting, we offer you unlimited, diverse, and vivid experiences that will completely change your professional life. We majorly invest in continuous up-skilling of our employees. All Chaincoders get an opportunity to grab their hands-on technical and non-technical skills and tools to enhance their learning curve. 

Technologies to get your hands on 

We allow you to Leverage the possibilities afforded by new technologies – loT, Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps, Linux, Docker, Nodejs, and Golang. You can transform the finest version of yourself under our wings and begin your journey toward confident leadership.  

Never Before Flexible – ‘Work Environment & Roles’

Bringing a revolution in the world of professionals, Chaincode offers a new concept – A flexible and Happy Work Culture. We offer you to join our team as a Part-Time Freelancer, Full-Time Freelancer, or Full-Time Employee. So what’s new in that? The new part is that even if you are working as a freelancer, you can still work in a happy office environment which brings in a new concept of “No Walls”. Sit in the in-house cafeteria at your ease and design the technologically richest apps and interfaces. We also offer a competitive salary structure with bonuses, incentives, and appraisals. We have regular appraisals where the management evaluates the performances monthly and offers rewards for exceptional performances. 

Careers at Chaincode

Chaincode calls out to students, graduates & professionals to be part of our innovative work culture. Unique opportunities at Chaincode will enable you to begin your Technology career journey and also leverage your talents and skills for revolutionizing the world. We need – 


– Blockchain Developer (Private)

– Blockchain Developer (Public)

– React.js Developer

– Business Development Manager

– Digital Marketing Expert

What do you get as a ChainCodian? 

When you join our team, you get to – 

– Work with experienced and qualified professionals globally to harness the best resources 

– Have a Platform for Co-working  

– Be paid in Dollars 

– Be more Innovative in your Work

– Benefit from Expert Mentoring 

– Be a part of Global Collaborations

– Harnessing New Technologies 

– Exhaustive Learning Culture 

If you are user-obsessed, tech-savvy, and action-oriented, team Chaincode extends a warm welcome to you. Come & be part of a team that is changing the world!


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