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ChainCode Consulting LLP organized an informative and captivating Webinar on Metaverse Integration in Indian Railways

Jun 26th 2023 | 11:57 | 3 min read

ChainCode Consulting LLP, a leading consultancy firm specializing in innovative blockchain & Emerging technology solutions, is pleased to announce the successful completion of an engaging and informative Webinar in collaboration with the National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR). This groundbreaking event, powered by ChainCode Consulting LLP, was held on June 23rd-2023, from 10:30 Hours to 13:30 Hours.

The Webinar was meticulously designed to provide the participants with practical insights into the implementation of the Metaverse in the Government sector, with a specific focus on Indian Railways. Attendees availed the opportunity to explore real-world use cases/Demos and discovered how the Metaverse fosters transparency and efficiency within various railway operations.

This transformative technology enables the establishment of product provenance and traceability, delivering a delightful experience to all stakeholders involved.

Furthermore, attendees immersed themselves into the realm of enhanced passenger experiences, with virtual reality applications and personalized services, which shape unforgettable journeys.

Imagine being able to visualize virtual tours of iconic railway stations, historical information at your fingertips, and realistic experience of train & freight simulations. These scenarios can be made possible for the Indian Railways underpinning the Metaverse technology.

What was interesting for the attendees is that the Metaverse proposes to open new possibilities for immersive training, such as emergency management, train operations, and maintenance, travel, tourism thus empowering the next generation of railway operations.

The Webinar panel comprised of an assortment of esteemed subject matter experts, each bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the event. The panel of speakers included:

The attendees of the webinar gained comprehensive insights into the Metaverse and its fundamental principles. The expert speakers addressed the challenges faced in the implementation of this transformative technology and highlighted the limitless possibilities it offers for leveraging railway operations.

As a token of appreciation for attending this groundbreaking Metaverse webinar, all participants (140 from Indian Railways & 50 registered public attendees) will be receiving an exclusive NFT-based certificate. This certificate (to be awarded by ChainCode Consulting in coherence with Polygon Labs and Google Cloud) will be a unique recognition of attendee’s presence at the event and highlights respective attendee’s engagement with the forefront of technological advancements.

ChainCode Consulting tremendously values its association with NAIR and has earlier this year co-convened the Workshop on Blockchain Technology and its implementation in Indian Railways at Vadodara from 15 – 17 Feb 2023. During this course, Phygital NFT participation Certificates were awarded to all the participants of the workshop by ChainCode Consulting, Polygon Labs, and Google Cloud.

Both these workshops were highly appreciated by the Indian Railways and their officials, and it opened doors for new-age technological advancement in the industry.

About ChainCode Consulting LLP:

ChainCode Consulting LLP is a blockchain and digital transformation consultancy firm based in Bengaluru with offices in Chandigarh and Rochester. The firm provide end-to-end solutions for blockchain development, implementation, integration, and adoption. It also offers training and education services on blockchain and related technologies. ChainCode Consulting LLP has collaborated with clients across various sectors, such as banking, insurance, healthcare, education, supply chain, e-commerce, and more. For more information, please visit ChainCode Consulting LLP

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