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HR Meet & Greet hosted by Chaincode Consulting LLP

May 23rd 2022 | 05:30 | 3 min read

This was one of its kind events ever hosted in entire Northern India. The main aim of this event was to share the knowledge pool about various Emerging Technologies that have set the technology world on fire. The focus was on discovering the future prospects of blockchain technology. 

Over 40 companies participated in the event. Both technical and non-technical skill sets showed massive interest in learning about blockchain and related concepts such as  

– What is Blockchain?

–  What is its significance in the web 3 revolutions? 

– The purpose of blockchain for businesses. 

– Tech-related jargon – Defi, Smart contracts, Hyperledger, DApps.  

Director Ms. Vandani Gupta was felicitated at the event. In her address to the participants, she shared an interesting story about the birth of Chaincode Consulting LLP. She also offered valuable insights into the immersive blockchain technology domain. As per the Global Economic Forum report, she stated that there would be 92.7 million jobs available in the international job market in the upcoming years. She even described the importance of blockchain for businesses and industries and how it could help them scale their growth to the next level. She stressed that though there was a surge in the need for blockchain developers in the labor markets, there was still a considerable hiatus in the supply of skilled and experienced blockchain professionals. This accounted for the enormous salaries of the people employed in this domain. 

Later the team at Chaincode Consulting LLP even conducted workshops for leadership and communication skills. The smiles and laughter of the crowd kept our spirits high throughout.

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