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Always Remember These Skills To Become a Successful Blockchain Developer


Jul 5th 2022 | 06:20 | 3 min read

how to become a blockchain developer ?

Blockchain developers are rapidly developing blockchain applications that have the potential to save nearly $12 billion for financial companies. Blockchain technology is bringing about a revolutionary change across various industries, from fintech, automotive, and real estate to healthcare. Blockchain technology is a pioneering innovation ensuring secure transactions and risk mitigation within the interconnected financial system. Blockchain employs advanced hacking-resistant cryptography, pouring trust and security into the global transaction system.

Is a Blockchain developer a good career option?

Before you ponder on how to become a blockchain developer, you must first understand why to become a blockchain developer. Blockchain technology has already transformed various industries. With the onset of 5g, blockchain is expected to expand its usability in several other sectors, including data analysis, IoT (Internet of Things), and finance. As the job openings in the international labor market have far exceeded the availability of proficient blockchain developers, it is one of the most in-demand professions these days. A successful blockchain developer has multiple job opportunities and a successful career ahead.

The global blockchain market is expected to touch $34 billion, marking a sharp 45% growth rate. This escalation is shooting a need for proficient blockchain professionals.  

Glassdoor quotes, “in August 2018, US alone reported a 300% increase in the jobs related to blockchain”.

How much does a blockchain developer earn?

The average annual salary structure of blockchain developers in different countries is as follows:

Salary of blockchain professional in India: 6.5 lakhs – 20 lakhs

Salary of blockchain professional in China: yuan 45k- yuan 60k

Salary of blockchain professional in Canada: CAD 103,709 – CAD 105,000

Salary of blockchain professional in Japan: JPY 228,000 – JPY 708,000

Salary of blockchain professional in USA: $51,000 – $127,000

Salary of blockchain developer in Australia: A$ 1,32,453 – A$ 1,50,000

Salary of blockchain developer in the UK: 55,243 pounds

Salary of blockchain developer in UAE: AED 48,000 – AED 3,60,000

Salary of blockchain developer in Switzerland: $124,000

Is blockchain coding hard or difficult to master?

Due to its perceived complexity, blockchain can seem like a daunting technology to learn. A blockchain developer must have strong and professional skills in cryptography, data structures, algorithms, and computer networking. Experience in some particular blockchains, including Bitcoin or Ethereum also helps. For those new to blockchain development and programming, the road will be a little bumpy. But it isn’t an impossible task to get your hands on.

Essential blockchain developer skills 

You need a specific skill set and mindset if you are serious about earning mountains. A career in blockchain technology will yield growth and profitable results for the candidates possessing the vital skill set. Becoming a Blockchain developer might seem intimidating as the information available is usually misinformation full of red flags. So how to know what you want to know? We have listed below some skills that are essential for blockchain developers.

– Familiar with various selected programming languages such as SQL, Python, C++, and Python is a good start. A solid grasp of at least one of these languages is a technical must.

– Excellent Understanding of Blockchain Technology.

– Solid understanding of Blockchain architecture – it’s working and what it is based on.

– Proficiency in security and cryptography principles.

– Know-how of peer-to-peer networking and distributed systems.

– Experience in Smart Contracts.

– Technical experience in Solidity – Smart Contracts language.

– Knowledge of Decentralized applications.

What to do next?

If trekking to the top of this mountain excites you, you might wonder what your next step is. Chaincode Consulting LLP has decided to decipher this code for you and assist you all the way to the top.

Our programs will help you grasp the technical mechanisms and working knowledge of Hyperledger, Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms. You will learn to deploy the smart contracts on hyperledger and set up a private blockchain. Whether you are new to this technology field or are upskilling from your current employment, we have curated a course that best suits your requirements and situation.

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