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During the economic downturn, demand for charity services is growing, but the growing and technically advanced younger generations fail to keep up with their forebears in the generosity stakes.
The main challenge that non-profits face is a need for more trust from the public: about two-thirds of the global population doesn't trust charitable groups to spend and manage their funds well. Currently, non-profits and charities need to be more transparent about allocating donations.
Charity tracking and the quality of donation transparency will emerge to provide people with peace of mind and embed cryptocurrency in donations when they contribute to a cause or organization.

Current Challenges Faced By NGOs

Integrating Blockchain Technology in NGO

NFT Integration

We built a traceable app for transparent donations to encourage the non-profit industry. By integrating the blockchain, we create a decentralized ecosystem that empowers trust towards non-profit organizations, leading to more contributions.

Only registered NGOs are present on the platform. However, you can donate crypto to any of them or even help invite new organizations, thus amplifying the crypto philanthropy space.

After choosing the cause or NGO you want to donate crypto to, you can claim a charitable tax deduction, which uses your accounting for a tax deduction. The platform will track these donations to ensure you get a tax deduction while donating to the cause of your choice. The platform recommends using one of its trusted partners to track tax deductions, receipts, and cryptocurrency donations.

It allows charities and non-profits to raise bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and provides a way for Millennials and Gen Z looking for crypto-ready causes to support.

How does it work?


Donors will have the option to donate to either impact index funds or non-profit funds.


Donors must select the cryptocurrency and the amount they want to donate, after which details like name, number, etc., are requested. Donations can also be processed online. If the donor wishes to be anonymous, they can give or add an email to get a tax receipt.


Users need to use the given crypto address to donate their wallets.


Once done, the crypto will transfer directly to the organizations wallet without using a third-partyapplication


Suppose donors choose to donate to a particular cause. The fund for the campaign is even ly distributed among the NGOs, each participating in that fund once per month.


Usage of the Donation Platform

Donor Platform

For Donation

People can use the platform as donors and NGOs to donate cryptocurrency to their preferred NGOs or to add their own NGOs to accept cryptocurrency.

Crowdfunding Platform

For crowdfunding

people can come to the platform as businesses to get funding or as individuals to fund their listed projects in crypto.

Goals Achieved While Building a
Donor and NGO Platform

Increased Transparency and Traceability

Donors will have the ability to select which grant their donation will finance. It will allow them to follow their money from their wallet to the grant recipient with automatic receipt to the donors once they finish the transfer process.

Acceptance of other assets and values

In addition to enabling the cryptographic transaction in donations, the blockchain also records digital, physical, and intangible assets. The value added from the entire supply chain, and external stakeholders, is captured on the blockchain, and benefits are equally distributed.


Blockchain ensures that an individual or a group does not govern funds. The systematic ecosystem avoids meddling with the transactions.

Complete Support

The platform will assist the user in setting up the page to accept the cryptocurrency and widget.It will also add the organizations to the campaign to get the funding.

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