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Land Leasing with Blockchain

Transforming land leasing with blockchain and smart contracts would provide significant automation, transparency, and cost savings. The current land leasing process is ineffective and antiquated. As a result, many landless households have been relying on informal land leases. The study found extensive use of this system throughout all countries. The land is usually under a fixed- rent price or sharecropping agreement.

Land Registry with Blockchain‚Äč

Private blockchain built tool for decentralizing land registry in a robust and secure environment. In many countries, land registration needs to be more trusted and transparent. It can be difficult to register property when most land registries are corrupt. In addition, the land registration process is a contagious, multistep process that requires the involvement of all stakeholders affected by the registration.

Donation App

Success Story of the Smart Donation App A real-time platform provides an intelligent way to donate, enabling complete transparency and ensuring trust with each transaction. During the economic downturn, demand for charity services is growing, but the growing and technically advanced younger generations fail to keep up with their forebears in the generosity stakes.


A Blockchain based system that will build an optimized Health care Infrastructure to cater futuristic Transplant and Transfusion needs with enhanced transparency and Traceability, enhancing trusts, curbing illegal organ trade/red market/organ trafficking and possible manual errors.

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